Juul To Stop Selling Several Flavored Products In The U.S.

Juul Labs, a leading e-cigarette company, announced on Thursday that they will stop selling several flavored products in the United States. Only tobacco, mint and menthol flavors will remain for sale. Juul’s mango, creme, fruit and cucumber flavors have already been removed from the online store, the only place the company sold these products directly to 21-and-up consumers in the United States. It had pulled them from retail locations late last year. However, these flavored pods will continue to be sold abroad.

Juul’s new CEO, K.C. Crosthwaite, said: “We must reset the vapor category by earning the trust of society and working cooperatively with regulators, policymakers, and stakeholders to combat underage use while providing an alternative to adult smokers.”

This latest move comes after the Trump Administration announced the US Food and Drug Administration would issue guidance that would remove flavors from the market, including mint and menthol. 

Juul suspends sales of fruity flavors in wake of vaping illnesses, deaths

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Vice President Pence Announces Turkey’s Agreement To Syria Ceasefire

Vice President Mike Pence announced Thursday that Turkey has agreed to a ceasefire in northern Syria between its forces and their allied rebels and U.S.-backed Syrian Kurds. Pence met with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan earlier on Thursday.

Pence said at a news conference: “It will be a pause in military operation for 120 hours, while the United States facilitates the withdrawal of YPG (the People’s Protection Units) from the affected areas in the safe zone. And once that is completed, Turkey has agreed to a permanent ceasefire and the United States of America will work with Turkey — will work with nations around the world — to make sure peace and stability are the order of the day in this safe zone.”

The United States said in a joint statement with Turkey that the sanctions it recently imposed on Turkish government ministries and officials would be lifted as soon as Turkey’s offensive came to a permanent end.

Mike Pence announces ceasefire in Syria

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General Motors And United Auto Workers Union Reach Tentative Deal

General Motors and United Auto Workers have reached a tentative deal to end the nationwide strike, more than a month after nearly 50,000 workers walked off their jobs. The union said that the deal still has to be approved and ratified by the UAW GM National council.

According to the union, the UAW GM National council will meet on Thursday to review the details of the tentative deal and vote whether to recommend it for full ratification. At Thursday’s meeting, leaders will also decide whether to continue the strike until the ratification concludes or stop the strike after the council approves of the agreement.

Approximately 49,000 union workers walked off their jobs Sept. 16, launching a nationwide strike at General Motors after a previous labor contract expired and negotiations over a new one fell apart. Union leaders had argued that GM workers deserved more of the company’s profits, which they say have totaled $35 billion in North America over the last three years.

Deal reached to end GM strike

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President Trump Defends Decision To Pull Back U.S. Troops Regarding Turkey-Syria Crisis

On Wednesday, President Trump continued to distance himself and the U.S. from tensions in northeastern Syria, telling reporters at a White House photo-op in the Oval Office, “It’s not our border.” Trump provided the many reasons why the U.S. should not be involved in the fighting, saying, “So, if Russia wants to get involved with the — with Syria, that’s really up to them. They have a problem with Turkey, they have a problem at a border. It’s not our border. We shouldn’t be losing lives over it.”

The comment comes after widespread criticism of Trump’s decision to pull back U.S. troops ahead of a Turkish operation against U.S.-backed Syrian Kurdish forces and now to withdraw nearly all American forces from the war-torn country. Trump has called for a ceasefire and peace settlement. Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien arrived in Ankara to meet Turkish officials.

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan declined to meet with O’Brien, who arrived Wednesday in Ankara and met with Turkey’s foreign minister. On Thursday, Erdogan will meet with Pence and Pompeo, who depart from Washington Wednesday, according to Erdogan’s communications director.

Trump dismisses Turkey’s invasion of Syria: ‘It’s not our border’

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Vice President Mike Pence To Lead Delegation To Turkey For Ceasefire Talks

President Trump said on Tuesday that Vice President Mike Pence will lead the U.S. delegation being sent to try to negotiate a ceasefire and settlement between Turkey and U.S.-backed Syrian Kurdish forces in northeastern Syria.  The delegation was set to depart within 24 hours of his announcement, according to a senior administration official.

The delegation will also include special envoy for Syria, Jim Jeffrey, among others, but it’s unclear who they will meet in Ankara after Turkey rejected talks with what it considers “terrorists.” 

Two days after the phone call between Trump and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey, Turkey launched an operation against the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) — he troops that the U.S. backed, armed and fought alongside against ISIS. Trump announced he was withdrawing two attachments of U.S. troops in the area before the offensive began.

President Trump Announces Vice President to Lead Delegation to Turkey, Threatens Steel Tariffs

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President Trump’s Personal Lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, Says He Won’t Comply With Congressional Subpoena

President Donald’s Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, said on Tuesday he will not comply with a congressional subpoena, saying in part “if they enforce it then we will see what happens.”

Giuliani stated he is no longer retaining the services of Jon Sale, who was acting as his attorney for this matter. Giuliani said that if Congress seeks to enforce a subpoena, then he will retain counsel. Sale sent a letter to Congress on Tuesday replying to the subpoena Giuliani was sent, which was the deadline for Giuliani to comply with the subpoena from three of the House committees working on the impeachment inquiry into President Trump.

In their subpoena sent to Giuliani late last month, Reps. Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler and Elijah Cummings said that Giuliani had “admitted on national television that, while serving as the president’s personal attorney, he asked the government of Ukraine to target former Vice President Joe Biden.”

Guiliani’s business relationships remain the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation being conducted by federal authorities in New York.

Giuliani says he won’t comply with subpoenas from Democrats

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Fort Worth Officer Aaron Dean Resigns After Fatal Shooting Of Atatiana Jefferson In Her Home

A Fort Worth police officer who fatally shot a woman in her home while she babysat her 8-year-old nephew has resigned from the force, and could still face criminal charges. Interim Police Chief Ed Krauss said on Monday that Officer Aaron Dean, who is white, would have been fired and is considered dishonorably discharged from the department. Krauss also said the U.S. Justice Department will examine the case for possible civil rights violations.

Atatiana Jefferson, 28, was shot through her bedroom window early Saturday by an officer responding to a call from a neighbor who was concerned because her doors were open. S. Lee Merritt, a lawyer for Jefferson’s family, said police not only violated Jefferson’s rights but also made “common sense” mistakes. Jefferson, who was black, worked as a pharmaceutical sales representative. Officer Dean has served on the force for 18 months, police said. 

Investigators were scheduled to interview Officer Dean on Monday. Police also released audio of a neighbor’s calm call to a non-emergency phone number that sent police to the home. 

Fort Worth cop resigns after fatally shooting black woman

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Various Statues Of Christopher Columbus Vandalized Amid Controversy Over The Holiday

Multiple statues of Christopher Columbus were vandalized amid continued calls to change the name of the federal holiday honoring the Italian explorer. Red paint, along with messages about genocide, were sprayed on landmarks in both San Francisco and Providence, Rhode Island

A sign that read “Stop celebrating genocide” was placed at the foot of the Columbus statue located in Providence, RI, and the statue was covered with red paint. In San Francisco, a Columbus statue near Coit Tower was also sprayed with red paint. Graffiti at the bottom read, “Destroy all monuments of genocide and kill all colonizers.” 

Columbus Day observes the anniversary of the explorer’s arrival on what is now the Bahamas on Oct. 12, 1492. Many Italian Americans honor their heritage on Columbus Day with parades and festivals; however in recent years, indigenous people and others have rallied against the holiday, claiming Columbus enslaved and murdered many indigenous people. 

At least eight states and 130 cities have legally changed the holiday to “Indigenous Peoples Day.”

Two Columbus statues vandalized on Columbus Day

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Typhoon Hagibis Kills At Least 36 As Rescue Efforts Continue In Japan

Rescue crews continued to search for missing people after a typhoon caused serious damage in central and northern Japan, killing as many as 36 people.

Typhoon Hagibis, which hit Japan’s main island on Saturday, unleashed torrents of rain and strong winds that left thousands of homes flooded, damaged or without power. Kyodo news service reported Monday that the typhoon killed 36 people and that 16 more were missing. Authorities warned of more mudslides with rain forecast for the area. 

Tokyo Electric Power Co. said late Sunday that more than 66,000 homes were still without power. Tohoku Electric Co. said 5,600 homes still lacked electricity in the northern prefectures of Miyagi, Iwate and Fukushima.

Typhoon leaves at least 36 dead as Japan continues rescues

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Questions Remain After Fort Worth Police Officer Kills Black Woman In Her Own Home

Questions and demands for justice remain after a white police officer killed a black woman, 28-year-old Atatiana Jefferson, inside her own home in Texas over the weekend.  An attorney for Jefferson’s family, Lee Merritt, said after viewing video taken from a Fort Worth officer’s bodycam during the shooting that “You didn’t hear the officer shout, ‘Gun, gun, gun. He didn’t have time to perceive a threat. That’s murder.”

Jefferson’s family said that the victim was watching her 8-year-old nephew when she was killed early Saturday while police checked on the home after a neighbor called a police non-emergency line to report that the front door was open.

The Fort Worth Police Department said in a statement that officers saw someone near a window inside the home and that one of the officers drew his duty weapon and fired after “perceiving a threat.” The video released by police shows two officers searching the home from the outside with flashlights before one shouts, “Put your hands up, show me your hands.” One shot is then fired through a window. The officer does not identify himself as police in the video.

Police said the officer, who’s been on the force since April 2018, is on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation. His name was not released. The Fort Worth Police Department said it released bodycam video soon after the shooting to provide transparency, but that any “camera footage inside the residence” could not be distributed because of state law. 

Questions and outrage after Fort Worth officer fatally shoots 28-year-old woman in her home

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