From homelessness to a Grammy win, Le'Andria Johnson talks about her journey to stardom

Derek BlanksSinger-songwriter Le’Andria Johnson is gearing up for the release of her new album Bigger Than Me, which arrives everywhere July 21.  

The artist is thankful for her musical success, especially while looking back at the period she was homeless while being a contestant on BET’s singing competition series Sunday Best.  

“You don’t wanna deal with such things like that,” Le’Andria tells ABC Radio.  

“And then you see other people who was homeless and people think that homelessness is on the corner, you smelling bad, you haven’t eaten, you haven’t… No, when you ain’t got nowhere to stay, you’re homeless.”

She adds, “So, just having to figure out if I’m gonna win or not. If I’m, what I’m gonna do with my three kids at the time. But it worked out.” 

And worked out it did, to an extraordinary degree for the rising star. Le’Andria won a Grammy for Best Gospel/Contemporary Christian Music Performance in 2012 and two Stellar Awards in 2013, including one for Best New Artist.  

She was also given a Steeple Award for Female Artist Of The Year in 2016.   

As far as winning a Grammy award, it was a trophy the performer hardly expected to win. 

She explains, “When I heard that I was nominated, I was like ‘Yeah, that was good. Pshhh. Aiite then! We good!’ And then, I was pregnant at the time. And I was sick. I wasn’t even gonna go. They had to drag me out of the house to go. So that was one of the best moments of my life.”

Bigger Than Me is available to pre-order now via the usual digital platforms. To learn more about Le’Andria Johnson, head over to her official website at   

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