SZA only fell in love with music after working on her debut album

SZA only fell in love with music after working on her debut album

Courtesy of RCAHer debut album Ctrl entered the Billboard 200 at #3 last week and her latest music video for “Drew Barrymore” features a brief cameo from the real-life actress who inspired the song’s title.  

But, rising star SZA says that she didn’t even fall in love with music until she started working on the album.

In a recent interview with Genius reporter Rob Markman, she explains, “It wasn’t like something where I felt like if somebody knocked me off, I would get back into [music].”

“I was still having weird, emotional experiences with it and I couldn’t figure out how to be the artist I wanted to be.”

SZA continues, “I couldn’t figure out how to begin to move towards being as good as I wanted to be. And then with this album I think, somehow, I just got caught up.”  

The entertainer, who released three studio projects before Ctrl, also reveals where her stage name comes from. 

She says, “It’s really not even a story. My name is Solána. People call me Soso, for short. Sos comes from Sosa. [But] nobody could call me that at the time [because] Chief Keef was, like, blazing in the streets.” 

As you may recall, Keef released a song in 2012 called “Love Sosa.” 

“It was weird for me to also be Sosa,” she said. “SZA just kind of like arrived at me.” 

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